Mount Tam’s drug discovery platform is based on our proprietary approach to development of novel ‘rapalogs’ (rapamycin-like molecules) that deliver greater mTORC1 selectivity vs. currently marketed compounds. mTORC1 is one of the complexes formed by mTOR, a master regulator of cell growth and metabolism.

mTORC1 activity has been shown to increase both with aging and in a range of disease states that can have a severe impact on both length and quality of life. At Mount Tam, we are focused on bringing to bear our unique combination of expertise in the science of mTOR modulation, medicinal chemistry and pre-clinical and clinical development to address serious unmet need. We do this by discovering and bringing into the clinic novel mTORC1 inhibitors that have the potential to address a broad range of diseases including autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, and a number of rare genetic diseases where mTORC1 activity is known to be increased.

Our platform allows us to rapidly engineer new compounds with superior mTORC1 selectivity and to rapidly screen them for efficacy across a range of disease states.

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