About Mount Tam Biotechnologies, Inc.

Mount Tam Biotechnologies was established to develop, optimize and bring to market novel pharmaceutical products to improve the health and well-being of patients suffering from a range of serious disease states where there is significant unmet need. Our most advanced compound is being developed to treat systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Mount Tam has partnered with the world-renowned Buck Institute for Research on Aging through a worldwide exclusive licensing and collaboration agreement. The assets are highly target-specific polyketides--a class of compounds with a successful track record with the FDA drug approval process. The assets are supported by intellectual property consisting of over 45 worldwide issued patents and patent applications, including composition of matter, manufacturing and therapeutic area applications.

Mount Tam is advancing its lead asset, TAM-01, toward an Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the FDA and has already completed non-GLP pre-clinical development. The lead indication for TAM-01 is expected to be the treatment of SLE. Mount Tam is also advancing follow-on compounds through the discovery process and is looking at a broad range of disease areas where novel mTOR inhibitors have been shown to have the potential to address unmet need.

Articles & Press Releases
09/27/2019: Mount Tam and Banner Midstream Sign Merger Agreement
06/28/2018: Mount Tam Biotechnologies Announces Appointment of New Member to the Board of Directors
07/27/2017: Mount Tam Biotechnologies Announces Collaboration to Study Potential in Parkinson’s Disease
06/30/2017: Mount Tam Biotechnologies Announces Continuing Oncology Focus
04/21/2017: Mount Tam Biotechnologies Announces that the European Patent Office Has Allowed a Key Patent for Lead Compound TAM-01
03/23/2017: Mount Tam Biotechnologies Announces that the Japan Patent Office Has Allowed a Key Patent for Lead Compound TAM-01
02/13/2017: Mount Tam Biotechnologies announces TAM-03 a novel compound with potential to treat a range of cancer types
02/09/2017: Mount Tam Biotechnologies, Inc., to present at Bio CEO & Investor Conference
01/09/2017: Mount Tam Biotechnologies, Inc., and Isomerase Therapeutics Announce Expansion of Their Collaboration to Discover and Develop Novel Rapalogs
09/15/2016: Mount Tam Biotechnologies, Inc. Announces Dr. Jim Stolzenbach to join our Scientific Advisory Board
09/06/2016: Mount Tam Biotechnologies, Inc., Announces Dr. Bryan F. Cox to join our Scientific Advisory Board
07/20/2016: Mount Tam Biotechnologies, Inc., Announces Amendment with The Buck Institute for Aging Executed Expanding Field of Use and Resolving Default
07/07/2016: Mount Tam Biotechnologies, Inc. Announces the Issuance of Key Patent Covering Lead Compound TAM-01
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Jim Stapleton
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 425-214-4079
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